justice league #2 – The review

This is the second comic in the new run of justice league and thankfully they didn’t pussy foot around and it finally got interesting, unlike many Geoff Johns stories this is trying its best not to drag and its feel somewhat snappy but unfortunately its still lacking something, this is DC signature book and unfortunately its just lacking in the story department. Thankfully though at least they did choose to reveal who the big baddie was and unsurprisingly it is darkseid, This is the justice leagues go to bad guy and kinda unsurprisingly to see him, I kinda hoped they would go with something new but i guess not but i guess the new 52 is not very new after all.

I know im going to spoil something for many of you but im assuming that if you are reading this then you have read the previous story, at the end of the comic in this series we were promised a fight between batman and superman and i think many of the readers would assume that this would be something as a kin to the dark knight strikes again but alas it turned into very little, in fact this fight turned out to be green lantern and batman getting there backsides handed to them by superman and them being so desperate that they call in the flash for help, low and behold he is of no help and superman is pretty much unstoppable. After my initial permission with cyborg im glad to report that they have done away with him at least for this issue and concentrated on the four main characters for dc and I couldn’t be happier. This comics also eludes to many problems that many of the heroes are having in this new world, most importantly for the new 52 it shows flashes problems with the authorities in coast city, I think this is going to prove quite important as the new 52 goes on. This story focuses a lot on flash and alludes to something that happens in the flashes past concerning him and green lantern taking on grodd and this doesn’t come up in the flash until issue seven (damn I hate time travel sometimes). Speaking of the green lantern and flash I love them in this book, that might have something to do with the fact that Geoff john’s is the person who wrote this story arc and there are very few writers with more of a grasp on these characters than Geoff jons, Hal is wonderfully arrogant, dismissive and thinks that he can take down superman while the flash is ever reliable and there when you need him even if this will put something his own life in jepordy which happens in this story. The only tragic thing about all this though is that it only reminds me of how desperately I want to see a green lantern flash story or better still those two in a buddy comic book.

The art is more of same and like I said in the previous review, I found the art to be very passable, not the best but no means that worst. Naturally my complaints have noting to do with the art its self but just with the way it depicts some of the characters, I dont like the way batman is drew in this book he looks too buff, I always like my batman to look a bit more human and not like superman in a bat costume but apart from that I thought the character stuff was OK and if im truly honest this is the best ive ever seen superman looking, a bit of a controversial statement I know but I really do like it and its made me think perhaps I might finally like superman in comic form.

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