Justice league #3 – the review

This comic once again brings in a more of the justice league and furthur expands the diversity of the team, this comic seems the introduction of wonder women who was not a character i was originally interested in but that has completely changed in this new universe, They took the time with this new universe to update wonder women for the new century and im really enjoying her both in this book and her own solo title. Firstly in this we find out that wonder woman is working for the government in some capacity, This in a world that has not come to terms with super heroes and actively hunts them, i think this is an interesting turn of event for the anti man anti establishment character that is wonder women and should and has the potential to add a lot of conflict between her and those heroes working within the system, the story is taking along along time to move forward and im starting to think that they are using these books to establish the justice league and shed some insight into their origins which is something they have chosen not to do in each characters books proper.

This book successfully introduces the arse kicking amazionian and i think its fair to say that im totally in love with her and want to marry her. she’s everything i never knew she could be, she successfully shows up all the other heroes in this comic, if not going back to back with superman and giving him a knowing wink when he acknowledges her strength  showing that she deserves to be on the justice league as much as any of the others, I think this may be another example of the editors fighting off the public perception of characters much like they have done in Aquaman.

after the rather sedate story of last week i guess they finally decided to show the cyborg origin, its interesting that this is the only character that they have chosen to do this for and if you ask me this shows just how much of a minor b list character he truly is. the gist of it is that he was burned by dark sides teleporters and then his father gives him cyborg replacements to save his life, this is all meh to me but im sure it will work eventually but i personally just find him boring and unimaginative.

one of the best things about this book if you ask me though was superman, a character that i have not really liked in comics in this we finally got to see him let loose, in this issue we see him take on a hoard of bad guys with a car and i really got the sense that he was actually enjoying himself could this lead to a new more bad ass superman… personally i hope so.

so ill apologise right here right now for my earlier bashing of jim lee, i may been a little too critical on him, after seeing wonder woman in this issue i am now a jim lee fan. I think wonder woman is a very hard character to get right, you either do her too manly or sexualised, i think its hard to capture both wonder woman’s femininty and strength and that’s something that Jim has done excellently, this coupled with a superb superman showing has changed my mind about jim lee.

In conclusion the story is nothing to write home about and as the arc progresses i find my self less and less interested in it, I think im going to drop this book after this arc if im truly honest. My general rule with comics is to give them one arc because i never know there could be some amazing twist coming but thats not something i expect see with this story. if you don’t find the story compelling or the characters as is the case with cyborg, i came to a very bad conclusion after reading this comic and thats cyborg is only in the team because he black and all the other characters are white. then the art is good enough for for you to say but i doubt that this level can be maintained for long.

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