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American television has a history of taking classical stories and giving them a sexy modern re imagining and this year a new show was released to the American audience in elementary. This is a show based on that British classic Sherlock Holmes only set in America with sexy…

Dude, Its only a tv show, I stand by everything i wrote.

Please spare me the “its on a tv show” bullshit— we see you and your kind in our tag on a daily basis with your shitty opinions that «*newsflash*» no one gives a shit about. Elementary fans dont go into the tag to read your crap. So word of advice to you and your pals go create a new tag for your crap and spare us your bullshit.

My kind? You mean someone who watched the first three episodes of a television series and made an informed decision on them? Oh i feel so bad, please forgive me, I’m so sorry that my review of this tv show has affected you so much. 

HAHA you watched the first 3 episodes and made an informed decision. LMAO well there you go— you know jack shit about the show, so shut your trap. Sorry but your “decision” means nothing to us in the Elementary tag. LMAO 3 episodes… so laughable it hurts. Also, you can keep mocking me about how your review is affecting me or how it’s only a tv show, well buddy— it is affecting me and no it’s not only a tv show… pretty sure you’d be pissing at fans like yourself who come into our tag and talk bullshit on a daily basis, sorry if my outrage stems from the racist, sexist, derogatory remarks from people like you who only watched *3 episodes* and dont know jack shit about the show or what the producers have said about said show. Yeah sorry if I’m intolerant to people like you who said such vile things about the actors of the show and the show itself. BBC Sherlock stans like yourself are a blight in our tag… every single thing you’ve said in your little shitty diatribe is useless for a guy who doesnt even know what the producers of elementary have said and for someone who’s only watched 3 episodes. LMAO. Wow… I just can’t with some people.

i did yes, i gave over 135 minutes of my life to this show, if im honest my brain was telling me to stop after 45. My comments were in reference to the original stories which i have enjoyed in many forms since i was a small child and yes i will admit that i feel sherlock is a superior show to elementary, im not going apologise for my opinion, i feel that most of what the bbc puts out there is superior to american televison but then im british so therefore biased. Like i said earlier its only a tv show and everyone is entitled to an opinion,

i honestly couldn’t care less about fandoms, I consider many fandoms to be the worse thing about their respective shows, they attack and belittle others, while refusing to acknowledge a shows flaws, The things i like get attacks all the time but it doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of them and my review should affect yours, your taking this way to seriously, This isn’t life and death, its something you sit down once a week to watch and obviously enjoy, Also just a warnign my reviews for episode one and two arent any nicer to the show

Please leave our tag: Elementary episode one the review


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