Prelude to doctor who


Those of you that know me as well as those that read this blog, although I suspect that they are one in the same, would easily know that I am a huge doctor who fan. I got into the series a little late while not actually starting to watch until David tenants second series as the aforementioned doctor but I was quickly drawn in by its quality acting and compelling story lines. That was until last season, I found the previous season a bit bland and rather predictable. I was so irate about this that wrote a rather lengthy blog post about it, the post was about what I thought was wrong with the series as a whole and I’m glad to say that I think someone was listening with nearly all my criticism being addressed in this latest series at least at the start anyway. With the notable exception of one, and that would be Moffats constant need to justify his story telling. Despite this I am really enjoying the new series up to now and most notably I can’t wait to see what becomes of the new enemy the silence.

After the disastrous Christmas episode of which I watched and immediately went foetal at the thought of what Moffat would do to the new series. I really haven’t got time to go into what I thought was wrong with the episode that plus that was five months ago and it would be rather pointless going into now. These hiccups aside I have seen Moffat come out of Russell’s shadow and start to really flex his muscles as the shows main driving force. After the first few episodes I am starting to see what he always had in mind with river song, river song has successfully broken the Russell t Davis idea that all the shows questions have to be answered in the final episode of the season because this is her third season of appearances and were still no closer to finding out what she is or what she’s about.


I am not pleased by the new American influence in this new series, I don’t associate American television with quality with the exception of HBO and show time but you have to pay for them in a similar system to are television licence so they aren’t reliant upon add revenues like the other networks. BBC America is a free channel in America that sells advertisements against the show and because of this need they put the needs of the advertisers before the viewers. This was already the case in the fact that doctor who’s episode were 45 minutes long to facilitate adverts for American audience but now we have to put up with a 10 week break in the series. This break is annoying at the best of times but a more episodic program can get away with it but a program like doctor who which slowly reveals a complicated story line it just means that we have become disinterested when the truth is revealed. The 10 week gab just means that I’ll go off and quite frankly forget about the previous episodes reveals making me less interested when the final reveal happens. It’s like a good book once you get towards the end you must keep reading even thought the gasps of shock, putting the advertiser before the writer decisions is not a good tactic when it comes to telling a story. This is something that Russell obviously refused but Moffat unfortunately isn’t as big as the man who brought the series back and obviously just gave into to this rather stupid demand by BBC America. Although this tactic will only increase the internet’s rabid talking it will only increase the likely hood of a big reveal like the one that happened recently and quite frankly spoil the whole story for everyone.

This is a rather vague and pointless blog though because I’m making a pledge here to review every episode of doctor who for my blog and hopefully this will help me to decipher what exactly is going on as time goes by.


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