Woolwich and the jihad conspiracy

So when we go to the middle east and kill thousands of men, women and children its called democracy, when we give 12 billion of tax payers money to isreal so they they can build walls, concentration camps and commit genocide its called aid but when they fight back its called terrorism, our government caused woolwich, we are the ones killing thousands in the name of oil, we are the ones who painted a bulls eye on our chest by killing women and children and you people are shocked when they fight back, you are shocked that they don’t like being bullied and abused, you denouce a jihad war but your all very quick to call to an end to all muslims, well what if i told you that the problem isnt ordinary muslims but the government and their mass media underlings who tell you how to act and what to think, a government that want power for themselves and none for you and as long as we keep fighting between ourselves those in power will be happy. woolwich was a terrible tradegy, everytime someones life is ended it is but let us not be blinded by anger and quick to action, this is the actions of one man rather than a whole religion or people.

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