Not much to say today, I went the hospital and i don’t know what is worse having a chronic condition that requires regular hospital trips or the fact that this disease usually affects middle aged menopausal women. Today I think it was most definitely the latter, as always i got into the hospital took my place and looked around at all the old women and this was one of those rare occasions that I felt truly out of place, These women were looking at me, Was I hear to pick someone up? No unfortunately I was here for the same scan as them and when I was called in before them I got the look that I always dread in this situation, The look that says oh your a frequent flyer in this ward, followed by a look of pity that comes from lack of understanding, I think of this in the same terms as a person in a wheel chair because people see it and insist on pushing, I am lucky enough to be able to hide the condition but moments like that remind me just how far i may be from a normal life. This is properly the worse part of my condition.


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