The year that was 2012 … comics

So its that time again, another year is over and a new one just begun and like the previous two years I am going to do a nice yearly round up. I know what your thinking, doesn’t every blog do this? the answer to that is yes and and i’m quite happy in my unoriginal state because if im honest im too busy at Christmas to sit down and write a real blog, that’s why i do these because they require very little effort and showcase some of the things i may not have spoken about already.


2012 for me was most definitely the year of chew, In 2011 scott pilgrim was my favourite comic and this year that honour belongs to chew. I got the first book on very early in the year and after that I was hooked, it was fun, funny, quirky and most importantly for me i found the world very interesting. When i finished the first book i felt sad and immediately went out and bought the other four books and devoured them all, reading each one in one sitting. When I said about getting depressed when this comic is finished well you can only imagine my disappointment when i finished all these books and had to wait 4 months for the next one. damn you comic book delays.


Spiderman is one of my favourite comic book characters and if i’m truly honest hes the only real character I read on a regular basis from the marvel universe. I started reading brand new day in 2011 and continued it this year and its very good, there is not much else to really say about it, if you want to read spiderman there isn’t a better place to start.


if your reading comics i think your already reading batman, if your not reading batman what is wrong with you? have you not heard about this Scott Snyder guy? no? well go out buy the books because they are stunning, they are amazing and everyone should be reading them. the story is top notch, the art is top notch and if your not reading this book then you are missing out on one of the best comics and if i could be so bold, one of the best book out there.


The new 52 for some reason needed to be explained, so dc came up with flashpoint as a cross the line event, i often lampoon comics for not changing enough or that events dont have any real consequences and this event was a breath of fresh air for me, most notably the wonder woman and the aquaman stuff. unfortunately dc dropped the ball in terms of art because damn these books just get uglier and uglier, only seek out if you are a hardcore dc nerd.

Wolverine and the x men

Another Marvel comic and this is the relauch of the xmen line, i like this comic obvisously because i wouldnt put it on the list otherwise. this book while not amazing is surprisingly fun and refreshing comical in a world of books that take themselves far too seriously in my opinion, this is a book for the wolverine fan out there.

Green arrow

Green arrow has been a a character that i have been interested in for a while, I liked him in the justice league television series, I liked him whenever he showed up in the green lantern book and more important i liked the new arrow television show, So this year i took the leap and entered the green arrow universe, I started with Kevin smith’s quiver and have read four more of his books since and i think its fair to say that im completely in love and will be getting as much green arrow as i can from here on out.

that it for now check back tomorrow when i do another yearly round up, better late than never they say.


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