The internet and me finally giving up on humanity

I used to think that the internet would bring us all together, that it would help us see the light, help us see the corruption of media and politics but the more i read, the more i see makes me think that the damage has been done. the mass media machine has had too long, has gotten to our children too young, they are in our schools, in our churches, they are on saturday morning television and saturday night “talent” shows and their message is clear. They are the enemy, anything different from you is bad, don’t people see the pattern of hate? dont you see how you’ve been taught to hate, first the irish, then the germans, then the jews, then the blacks and now the muslims and the gays. dont you see that they are lying to you when they say you are the choosen one? you are special and worthy of more than someone else, well im going to let you in on a little secret, their lying and they know every word of it is a lie because nothing makes people more obedient than fear, nothing makes them more complicate in their evil actions that the idea that we are fighting for freedom against a greater evil. well what if i told you there is a reason the world hates us and it has nothing to do with our football performance.

so thinking this apparently makes me a dirty commie bastard, well if believing that everyone is equal and that everyone is entitled to the same opportunities in life makes me a commie then so be it. I am Paul Anthony Bailey III and i declare that all people are equal in my eyes.


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