AoZ: iOS Review

This is another iPhone game form the developers of Fruit Ninja and Machine Gun Jetpack but can it possibly reach the lofty heights of those two? Halfbrick makes good games, I’m not going to lie. They also charge a ridiculously small amount for their games with each iPhone game coming in at less than a pound. This, like Machine Gun Jetpack before it, is only 69p but will this game give you more or less enjoyment than a can of Coke?

Somehow this game has managed to shoehorn a story in, this is a very simple story involving zombies because let’s be honest zombies are always cool. In case you couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic because I’m so over zombies, I think that many writer just use them to be lazy and I would rather see something else but then this is an iPhone games and I don’t think they have the largest budget around. So back to the story of AoZ involves zombies who have been created in a laboratory by an evil mad scientist, our main character invades his laboratory in order to stop the zombies so the scientist sends the zombies back through time to infect humanity followed closely by our protagonist. Then our protagonist shows up in 5 different parts of history and must fight of the zombies in order to save humanity. There lots of time based jokes that follow, for example when he’s in the 30’s he makes quips about joining the mafia and other very bad puns. Now that last nit sounds awful and it is but the game makes up for this by being very aware of its badness in the story mode and I found myself chuckling along.

The gameplay of this game like most iPhone games is a very simple affair, it tries to replicate the dual sticks of a Playstation remote, with the left one being used for movement and the right being for attack, the controls are pretty bad but more on that later. When your dumped into this world you are attacked by wave after wave of zombies and you must fight them off or become lunch, it’s as simple as that and quite frankly that’s all it needs to be. I don’t seem to remember anyone moaning about Tetris so I’m not going to moan about this. One of the best things about this game though has to be the sheer variety of secondary weapons, everything from a sentry gun to the truly awesome mini gun (in case you couldn’t tell that was my favourite) are available and there is nothing more satisfying that watching the mini gun take down zombie wave after zombie wave.

Like I mentioned earlier though the controls are an issue, the lack of tactile feedback on the iPhone always leads to misfires, the grenades are a perfect example of this because they require you touch something just above the analogue stick and when you remove your finger the whole track pad reset so you very rarely throw a grenade but this is just a minor gripe.

Why does every iPhone game feel the need to have loud repetitive music? This is an iPhone game and for some reason they don’t seem to understand that im more than likely to be playing it on the bus or some other form of public transport, that or I’m listening to music. Well I wish I could listen to music but this game seems to feel that its soundtrack is far more important, im going to let you in on a little secret it’s not, its repetitive synth music and it’s not that good and no I’m not going to buy it on iTunes no matter how much you would like me too.

In Conclusion despite some music issues I rather enjoyed this games and will probably keep it on my iPhone for a bit longer than normal, it is a steal at 69p (although they often make it free) and although the game play is rather simple the variety is enough to keep things interesting. This game is painfully short though with only five available world you can easily complete this in one day but for only 69 pence you can’t really say anything to bad. It was a really good game and I happily award it:


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