Sea Orbitor to start construction

So one of the most interesting research projects to come about over the last decade has finally gotten the 60 million dollars worth of funding it required. The sea orbitor was originally meant to be constructed in 2005 and after 12 years of planning and waiting it will finally be ready next year. When this device is fully finished its height will be 170 feet (51 meters) tall with nearly half of this size being submerged for stability, this submerged part will naturally contain lots of equipment for measuring ocean currents and seeing the effect that climate change is having our ocean. The old adage about us knowing more about the surface of the moon still exists and the ocean is far more necessary to our survival.

Not only does this look like something out of Star Trek but it’s also very green, it will get nearly all of its power from the wind, the currents, solar power and if Mother Nature is feeling rather uncooperative they have a supply of bio fuel. For the first time ever a research vessel will respect the environment that it’s studying. I’m glad to see this getting the funding it deserves if for no other reason than because it looks so bad ass.


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