Green Arrow, Vol. 9: Road to Jericho – Review

This book is the culmination of Judd Winicks Green Arrow run, After this he would take the series in what i thought was an excellent direction, In which Green Arrow would team up with Black Canary. I think this was a truly excellent Green Arrow run, A very solid run that built upon the Kevin Smith’s legacy, During this run we have seen Ollie become surrounded by very interesting characters, over Smith’s and Winick’s run we have seen the introduction of a new Speedy, Ollie has reconciled with his estranged son and finally here we see him reunited with arguably the greatest love of his life, Black Canary. This book is a strange book because Judd decides to end several story lines at once, In this we get the culmination of the 52 mayoral story line while finding out what happened to him prior to 52 to make him such a bad ass, Something he should have become along time ago. 

The story of this book this fills in the gap between Green Arrows defeat and his return to Star City as mayor, Thankfully this doesn’t tread old ground, It does not retell the story of 52 instead sees Ollie living on an island honing his skills with his apprentices, This is Ollie reaching his full potential as a superhero. This book has a lot of cameos from the dc universe, We see Batman, The Red Hood along with Arrows extended family of superheros. Batman appearing was a nice surprise, This shows the level that winnick has taken this character because in my opinion Ollie is now very much on the same level as Batman. This coupled with the red hood, who is one of my favorite bad guys and he’s facing one of my favorite comics characters, I’m not gonna lie i was in heaven with this story. 

I love the art, For some reason i really like the the straight lined angular style of this book. It seems to suit Green arrow a lot, Whether it be his Arrow straight goatee or the way the arrow fires straight across a page but i do love it, Its not all good news though because this angular art style doesn’t work very well with faces but its not so horrid that it puts you off, I was just aware of how young everyone looked, that’s all. 

Also I’ve always loved Green Arrows strong females, I know this is very much a dc thing but Green Arrow seems to have a lot more of them than other books. Black canary is one of Bad ass chick, capable of 48 hours of solid love making, she could easily kick Ollie’s arse, I know it, You know it and you know what I’m pretty sure he knows it as well. Couple her with the quick witted HIV having speedy and you have some very positive female role models.

In conclusion this is another solid Green Arrow book, It serves as a nice end to a very dynamic character, This series of books have brought Green Arrow up to the levels that he should have been at for a long time, It expanded his supporting characters and universe and if I’m honest this run is why i hold Ollie in such high esteem. Highly recommended for any Green arrow fan.


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