Pac-Man iPhone Review

The graphics are old, tired and dated. That’s all there is to say about it but this usually isn’t a problem on a game that’s as supremely simple as this. This is a very simple conversion from the arcade to the iPhone and it shows with most of the game being in black and white with only the smallest smattering of colour. I mean, come on Capcom you charged £2.50 for this and it looks like something out of the dark ages, my watch is capable of running Pac-Man with these graphics the least you could have done is updated them slightly to fit in with times and help justify the high cost, in comparison to other Iphone games.

If you’re reading this then there no doubt that you are well aware what Pac-Man is. This is the same game people have been playing since well before I was born and will probably still be playing in fifty years time. I’m still finding it as addictive and compelling as ever but I am sad to admit the iPhone is not the platform for Pac-Mans triumphant return. It just isn’t as realised as before and the reason for this is plain and simple. The touch screen.

To put it lightly the controls on this game are awful with all three of the available control methods lacking the precision needed to make this game even remotely fun. The three methods in question are the swipe, joystick and the accelerometer. While it is nice to have a choice of control methods, it rather disappointing when all three of them fail to give you any kind of control. The only one that remotely works with any kind of accuracy is the joystick but even this left me salivating at the thought of a simple and rather old fashioned joystick.

This game is £2.50 and in my opinion that’s £1.50 too expensive. It’s just the original, ported to a new console and very badly. 99 pence a would be a perfect price for a bit of retro gaming but this just reeks of money grabbing to me. This is for avid fans only and those looking to rekindle memories of arcade bliss.



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