Star Trek Insurrection: Review

So after my review of star trek first contact was such a success, mainly for me because it gives me an excuse to watch all the star trek movies again, I thought there would be nothing more appropriately brilliant than reviewing all of the star trek films. As I said in the last review star trek is one of the best television series on television but the films have always lacked something for me and star trek insurrection like first contact just fails to deliver on its promises, this would have been a spectacular two part episode of the next generation story but as a film it just fails on so many levels.

The story like first contact before it is a sci-fi classic in that in deals with the fountain of youth and what we are willing to do to achieve immortality. This like first contact deals mostly with Picard and data, this is the film were data discovers a little bit more about his own humanity while Picard gets to really stretch himself with a new love interest, this features once again the idea that Picard is a real bad ass and I still don’t buy it even if he is doing his best Moses leading the jews to the safety routine. I also found the data storyline somewhat boring, we’ve seen this many times before and quite frankly I just found this to be lazy story telling once agan. There were plently of other side line stories to distract you from the main stories, Riker and Deanna getting back together, work rediscovering his Klingon side or Geordie being able to see again (I really liked that one) but they really were just distraction from what was a rather disappointing movie. If this had been a next generation two part episode I would have been singing its praises but as a movie it was just poor.

Like I said this is once again a Picard and data movie and as a result they get the most on screen time, data goes from being the bad guy to being the ultimate good guy and by the end of the movie he also learns a valuable lesson about what it means to be a child something that he has never experience before. This film once again focuses on Picard and all thing Picardian but it tries to show a different side of him, but lets to be honest about Picard unlike Kirk, he was very much a sexless entity within the star trek universe and with this film they try to rectify that, I guess they considered it a bad thing but I think it was part of what made him the best of all the captains to be honest. I think them trying to turn him into kirk is somehow not doing justice to the character that they created in Picard.

This was the first start trek film to have all its CGI done solely by a computer rather than using models or other such things and boy does it show. I was once again watching the Blu-Ray addition and with the exception of the final flight of the enterprise I can not complain one bit about the CGI and was one of the more delightful aspects of this film.

In conclusion this is a very mediocre film that does not do justice to its characters and the large screen budget that it would have garnered. The story is predictable and is designed to do nothing more that play on are heart strings, it is also as predictable as it comes and the main cast with the exception of Picard and data just feel like there their to make up the numbers. The only saving grace of this film is the CGI but lets be honest a polished piece of shit is still a piece of shit none the less. This is nothing more than a very good 2 part next generation episode that they thought they could put on the big screen to make a few quick bucks.

Star Trek Insurrection is out now on Blu-Ray and DVD



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