WWDC Part 1 – iOS

So apple has just recently wrapped up its yearly world wide developers conference, this is an apple event were they talk to developers about what they can expect in the coming year. This is primarily a developers conference and very little ever happens, usually we get to see the new ios, the new apple os and that’s about it. Naturally all the blogs go crazy because thats what you do when there is an apple event. Usually this event leaves most of the apple fanboys disappointed because the rumors are better than what happened or very little actually happened but that was not the case this year. Never in all the years of being a geek has any company lauched so much in one day, some at the keynote and some not There is simply to much for me to write about in one article so ive decided to split it into three articles that will look at the three areas of apple ios, hardware and desktop software, this is the ios section of the write up and you will find the hardware section (here) and the desktop section (Here).

Now ios is apple’s biggest business these days and its no surprise that they lauched ios 6 at wwdc and it has lots of new things in it so I’m now going to list the most important for me.


Now apple like the rest of the world use google maps, well did use google maps. The old maps application on the iphone is the latest victim in the iphone android war , apple has been aquring mapping companies for a couple of years now and it looks as though they have created a rather compelling alternative to google maps and I for one think its about time someone tried to challenge google because they have been getting quite complacent in the last couple of years. This new map system will also bring turn by turn navigation to the iphone for the frst time something that android has had since day one, I cant help but think this is just a tick on the feature sheet but it is a feature that the iphone was sorely missing.


Now many of you may not be aware but siri was not developed by apple and the technology that powers it was bought by apple a few years ago. When the application was first introduced in 2010 is was capable of doing things like booking tables, looking up reviews for restaurants and even looking up game scores and when apple first lauched the product they stripped many of these features out in order to make more streamlined. Well now you can rejoice because siri can now do all those things and this is just one step closer to it becoming your official assistant, I guess there will be no more sexual harassment lawsuits for me.


In ios 5 apple announced twitter intergration and this lead to many scratching their heads in wonder. Now don’t get me wrong I am very much on twitter and use it most days but lets be honest about this in terms of contact information or interacting with my friends facebook leaves twitter in the dust, it just does certain things better. So today apple announced that they would be bringing facebook to the iphione, this intergration will allow you upload pictures straight from the photo applications, update your status straight from the homescreen and naturally it will sync you contacts with facebook to allow them to be updated on a more regular basis. Personally I want them to intergrate facebook messenger into imessenger so that I can get my facebook messengers and my text messages in the same thread but I think that

Shared phot streams

Not much to see here, you can now share your photos with other people. This is so innovative how has no one else thought of this before.


If you like me you have lots and lots of loyality cards, that coupled with credit cards cinema ticket, sports tickets and or the myriad of other things that are essential for are daily life but are so easily misplace. Apple has decided tpo do something about this with there latest feature passbook, this will allow you have all those things in one app and they will keep you updated on any changes that will happen in the process. E.g if you use this to store your plane ticket it will update you on any flight delays or gate changes or more likely if you have a concert tickets and the show gets canceled then the app will tell you so you wont find out when you get there. I love this because nothing will make me happier that getting many of those loyality cards out of my wallet. I already use my iphone as my weekly ticket rider so I consider this to be just a extension of that feature or idea.


Like the facetime you’ve all known and loved for a while but now you don’t need a wifi connection to get it to work.

You can now prioritise the people In your life

The problems with phones is that they treat everyone the same, so in the eyes of my phone my mum is treated the same as that friend from school that I speak to once a year at most well im glad to say that has now change. Apple has introduced the idea of vip this will allow you to create list in your contacts and set lots of actions for those different lists e.g when my mum rings the phone will always ring, only allowing a person  to ring me after 5 and most importantly of that person is not in my phone book send them straight to voice mail (no more telesales for me). This is not just in the phone section though because it is also in the mail app and this will be available on the desktop aswell.


Gets all the features that chrome has had for a long time, features like:

  • Tab syncing
  • Offline reading on mobile
  • And landscape mode (how this took them so long I don’t know )

This looks to be a very good update and spits in the face of all those who said that this would bring nothing new to the iphone. i cant wait for my iphone to get the update and I may be considered to write a review for it if im still alive after this epic yarn. There are off course more features and I just wrote about the ones that pertained to me click the link below to find out more.


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