I was wearing my pretty new dress today and everything went wrong, one teacher made me go to the principal after ALL my protest bc “my shoulders and bra strap where showing” I got mad and started to cry as I walked into the principals office, he told me I looked fine and I was dressed nicer then half of the girls at the school, I then walked to my locker and told the teacher who got my “in trouble” the principle said it was fine, she got mad and practically DRAGGED me to the principals office yet AGAIN, he told her I was fine and she threw a fit and then the WHOLE office got into a fight on IF MY DRESS WAS “OK”, I started to have a panic attack and my principle noticed so he took me into his little office and talked to me, he said “don’t let them get you down because THEY are wrong, I will go to my house and grab u one of my daughters jackets” I shakily said ok and went to my math final which I know I failed bc during it I was having a panic attack, I AM TIRED OF THIS HAPPENING TO GIRLS. It needs to stop. My shoulders aren’t anything to change over, shut up and grow up.

Fuck the man, If i was you i’d wear something similar everyday just to prove a point, They cant tell you what to do with your body and they certainly can’t tell you what to cover your body with.


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