Fracking could damage the brewing industry.


For those of you who don’t know fracking a very environmentally destructive and dangerous process to extract oil and gas from existing pits, More information is available here. The basic process of fracking involves forcing water and chemicals in the ground at high speed to bring oil and gas to the surface, Well Germany may be taking steps to insure that this process is very regulated because Angela Merkel the German Chancellor has been warned that this could be damaging to the German hospitality industry. Unlike many areas of the world the Germans are very proud of their beer industry thanks to a 500 year old law about the purity of the beer they produce is some of the worlds best.

This purity law means that many breweries have their own water sources and they are calling on the German government to protect these sites from the possible pollution or risk losing them, Well the brewing industry have warned Merkel that the fracking process could pollute the water and they would no longer be able to insure the purity of German beer, This would prove devastating to one of Germany’s oldest and most important industries, Germany produces more beer than any other country and the attention to detail and quality put into every glass is unrivaled. Its also the third largest consumer of beer per capita following Czech republic and Austria.

Its not just the brewing industry that this would affect, Lots of external industries also rely on the brewing industry, If Germany was to lose this large and vital industry it could potentially affect all areas of German life and see the end to Oktoberfest which is the largest folk and beer festival in the world. What do you think about Fracking?


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