WWDC Part 3 – That Curvy Juicy Hardware

So Apple has just recently had its yearly world wide developers conference, this is an Apple event were they talk to developers about what they can expect in the coming year. This is primarily a developers conference and very little happens, usually we get to see the new iOS, the new Apple operating system and that’s about it. Naturally all the blogs go crazy because that’s what you do when there is a Apple event. Usually this event leaves most of the Apple fanboys disappointed because the rumors are far better than what they got or very little happened but that was not the case this year. Never in all my years of being a geek has any company launched so much in one day, some at the keynote and some not, There is simply too much for me to write about in one article so I’ve decided to split it into three articles that will look at the three areas of Apple iOS, hardware and desktop software, this is the the desktop section of the write up and you will find the lion section (here) and the iOS section (here).

So if you anything like me and I’m assuming that you are because your reading this then iOS and lion are nice but what you really has you salivating is the new hardware, and there’s a lot for me to go over. We’ll start off with the small pieces and work our way onto the majesty that was the new Mac Book pro (which I will never be able to afford).

New smart case

You know this right it’s the very expensive leather cover for the iPad because it had magnets in it that woke the iPad up, well Apple have updated it to include a plastic backcover because Apple were apparently unaware that an iPad had two sides.

Airport base station

For those of you who don’t get one off you isp Apple will do a rather expensive router, this way all your Apple gear will match etc but this new has something new and different that other manufacturers haven’t done before (in case you wondering that’s sarcasm). This new Apple airport express includes to separate antennas so that you can theoretically have two completely separate networks in on building, this is very useful for business who wish to offer free wi-fi because they can have a network for themselves which they do financial stuff on while your customers are safe and sound on their own personal network. It has also had a redesign which of course Apple was more than happy to showcase, I’m going to ruin it for you it looks like a white Apple TV. It is awfully pretty but I’m pretty sure that Apple didn’t have to make such a big deal of it.

Apple pro

You may be shocked to find out that Apple updated the mac pro because Apple made absolutely effort to tell anyone. This was a very quiet update that they didn’t even release a press for this device and I think its because there is not much to see here. This is simply a spec bump and I mean a spec bump, Apple are still using the same processors they have been since they switched to Intel. They didn’t even add thunderbolt which is Apple premier technology these days and all the more surprising they have not added usb 3.0 despite adding this to the laptops. Nothing to see and I sincerely think that they are very close to destroying the Mac Pro forever, to be replaced by laptops and I for think this will such a shame because this is the only Apple product that is easily upgraded by the user.

Macbook Air

Now we all know this piece of hunking good looks, do we not? This is the laptop that launched a thousands look a likes the Helen of troy of are time if you will. This is another case of uping the power but they have at least added usb 3.0, if only because Intel offers it for free with the new sandy bridge processor but from what ive read this has the same speed as thunderbolt, this coupled with its smoking looks make this a very a pretty good laptop.

Macbook Pro

Well this is a rather confusing thing to write about because which ever way you look at it Apple either did nothing or everything, I am aware that is an oxymoron if you have ever heard one but for the first time in Apples history they have introduced a new model but simultaneously kept producing the older model. The macbook pro that you all no and love has seen a few massive changes, its is now has the largest diversity of ports of any mac I’ve seen, it has usb 3.0 (again Apple why didn’t you put it in the mac pro?), Firewire 800, a display port so you can now hook it up to a Apple display (another notch in the mac pros coffin), an SD card slot but that all that really changed on this model, it naturally got a nice speed bump and more SSD option but I wont be choosing these until they rival their spinning brethren.

Macbook Pro with retina display

If the title didn’t give it away the Macpro now comes with the same retina display technology that you iPhone and iPad has this plus a native HDMI slot for easily hooking up of the computer to the television, This one surprised me a lot because Apple have previously said that HDMI was too complicated for them to implement it, I am happy about this because Apple is not one to a support video standard and it means I wont have to buy an adapter to get my video on. Perhaps unsurprisingly Apple has also removed the super-drive from this Macbook pro, this now means that Apple now sells only two computers with a super-drive, the mac pro and the iMac. It appears as though Apple speeding  quickly towards all digital and taking there audience with them. They also got a processor update and more SSD hard drive options but I for one wont be picking them until they rival there spiny brothers capacity.

So there it is my final WWDC piece I hope you enjoyed it, what do you think about the hardware and software from Apple?

Watch the full WWDC Keynote here



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