Cains brewery Liverpool suspends production.


Cains brewery Liverpool have ceased production in Liverpool, The cains brewery is one the last remaining traditional breweries within England and its main production plant sits inside a truly beautiful grade two listed building but last week the owners who only 3 years ago bailed the company out to the tune of 50 million said that brewing was no longer a economically viable option at the current site.

This is just another set back for the ailing beer company, The company has been struggling for years to turn to a profit that has seen it become a bottling plant for cheap supermarket beers, This was not enough to save the company though as the margins have become smaller and smaller and this has only increased Cains losses, Not all is lost though because Cains recently announced plans to revitalise the brewery and the local area by turning the listed building into a Brewery village similar to those seen in many parts of America.

The problem though is that this brewery village is still trying to seek planning permission and when /if it is granted then construction could take up to 2 years, The owners decided that due to such small margins that they have no choice but to outsource the creation and bottling of Cains beer to a smaller supplier, Its a shame that this has meant the loss of 38 jobs which represents half of the brewerys staff but hopefully what Cains has planned for the future will allow the company to continue to make beers because that’s what we all want after all.

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