Kingdome come. The review

What happens to a  bunch of kids who are born with powers into a world that treats people with powers like gods? That is a very interesting question and that is exactly what this book looks to answer. This book deals not with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman but with their children and their grandchildren despite what the cover will have you believe. It is also a Superman story because it has superman dealing with the mistake he has created.

The story of this book involves the Spectre taking an old preacher who is close to dying on a trip round the kingdom come universe to witness the coming apocalypse. This sounds somewhat weird and it does take a bit of getting used to but it an amazing vehicle, Thanks to this you only see the most important parts of the story. The story that the old man is witnessing is the end of the world, The old guard has been replaced by much younger more dangerous “heroes”, These younger versions while powerful lack any kind of experience and in fact cause more trouble that good, In many cases causing deaths of innocent bystanders. Well a big event makes superman come out of retirement to bring these meta human menaces back in line but they don’t want to give in quite so easily, Que a huge battle between all the major players in the dcu. You have to read this because this is some of the best characterizations of certain characters i have read in a long long time, I’m keeping my description rather vague because i don’t want to spoil anything major.

The art of this book is done in water colours and although its a very jarring thing at first it does suit the book, This could almost be a dream sequence and thanks to the imprecise lines and colour run off you do get the sense that you are witnessing the event rather than taking part in them. All the characters look spot on with the exception of green arrow who looked like Lenin in my eyes, They look exactly like you always imagined they would when they get old and if i’m honest this is my favorite superman, Although that isn’t hard because until recently i never enjoyed superman.

This book comes highly recommended but don’t come into this expecting a justice league book, This is a superman story pure and simple and it does an amazing job at it. like i said i’m not a big superman fan but this book has convinced me that maybe i have been too hard on the old bean, I think i may go out and start actively looking up more Superman stories, Althogh it is a superman story it is also spot on with batman, wonder woman and all the other dc characters we have come to love over the years and this coupled with a unique visual style make this a must read for any dc or superman fan a like.


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