JD wetherspoon to open road side pub


If you ever needed proof that politicians are a stupid bunch then look no further than this piece of news, Today that pub chain that serves OK beer and OK food has announced that they will opening the first road side pub, You know the chain i’m talking about right? JD wetherspoons. That place you reluctantly go every so often just because it’s there and you cant be bothered thinking or fighting it.

This new motor side pub will open on the M40 and will be open 24 hours a day, There is some comfort in the fact that they can only serve between alcohol between the hours of 8AM and 1AM i suppose. Apparently though I am the only person that sees the downside of this because JD wetherspoons said that there was no objections to the plans to build the pub. I personally can only see this ending badly because JD wetherspoons encourages you to have a drink with every meal, even when you go in for a burger they give you a free drink. the temptation may prove to much for some people.

In case you couldn’t tell i personally think this is a bad thing as the temptation could prove to much for many people and lead to drink driving, Not to mention the idea of drunk people around speeding cars. To me common sense would dictate that this is wrong but I’ve come to realize that common sense is a thing that is few and far between.

What do you all think of this decision? Is it the future or the worse idea ever?


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