Fair deal for locals take on parliament.


Camra were not the ones only at Parliament today to show Mps how exploited landlords were, The save your local campaign were also there to get publicity for their fair deal campaign. Armed with Banners and placards they hoped to get the attention of anyone who would listen

The group is supporting plans for an adjudicator, code of practice and an option for licensees to pay a market-only rent, freeing them from the burden of having to pay a typical 70% premium on wholesale beer prices.”

They claim that the unbalanced relationship between the landlords and the big companies is leading to the down fall of the brewing industry.

 Writing in the Yorkshire Post recently, MP and pubs campaigner Greg Mulholland said: “The Fair Deal for Your Local campaign believes that the best way to ensure a fair deal for pubs — and to deliver the Government’s clear commitment — is to include in the statutory code an option for tied publicans to only pay a fair, independently assessed market rent to the pub owning company — a ‘market rent only’option.”

Camra claim that this would be very easy to administer and could go along way to insuring that landlords and pubs can keep doing what they are doing.

This much needed reform will bring down the cost of a pint in a pubco-owned pub and allow many pubs to survive and thrive. A market rent only option would also lead to fairer access to the pub market for small brewers and cider producers which will increase choice at the bar.”

This move would not only cause the big companies to start competing in a fair market again but would also see smaller businesses and family owned breweries protected because this law would only apply to those companies that own 500 pubs or more.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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