Cameron to save the local … Not quite

Today saw Cameron once again try to launch his big society, He has pledge 250 million to local communities so they can buy pubs, shops and community centres. It is hoped that this will help areas of the country that were affected by recent cuts and have seen many of their essential community service slowly die away. These services will be revived through a series of long term loans it was revealed by the conservatives. Its strange that the conservatives are doing this because its their policy’s that are effectively destroyed the very communities they are now trying to save but thats an article for another day.

This announcement comes a mist another round of cuts to local authorities that will see even more communities lose more pubs, shops and other essentials.

He said: “Everyone knows how vital institutions in our towns and villages are, like village halls, playing fields, local pubs.

“And everyone knows how – despite the best efforts of parish and local councils – these can face closure. I want our social investment funds to give people the opportunity to take them over and run them.”

This should come as some news to those places that have seen their local disappear due the big companies monopolies but is it enough?

Do you think Cameron has the power to save the local?

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