Fair deal for locals only sees support growing


We reported a few days ago about the save are local campaign calls to reform the pubco system, Well they took their message to parliament recently and received a lot of support from all areas of government, Most importantly though was George Osbourne who was more than happy to stop and talk to the campaigners and have a few pics taken. This is good news and only builds on the success the campaign has had, When they first embarked on this campaign 109 MPS signed up immediately and now their support only grows.

The fair deal for locals is a collection of 10 organisations including Camra that are actively campaigning for a fairer deal for landlords. They are calling on politicians to change the rules so that breweries cant take more than their fair share and charge over inflated beer prices. It looks to be working a swell because the government has pledged to introduce a code of practices for the big brewers which will only allow them to take enough from the pub that will allow it to while still remaining profitable, This should make it easier for landlords to make a living and stop the wide spread closure of pubs.





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