Notes on Beer & Food Matching out now.


Everyone is aware of the link between wine and food but what about beer? What beer should I have with my rare steak? What beer should I have with my chicken? Well until recently we beer lovers were left to sit in the dark twiddling our thumbs wondering, Well thanks to Nigel Sadler (pictured) we need worry no more.

Nigel recently released his notes on Beer & food matching which talks about the brewing process associated with certain beers and how the raw products affect their final flavour. He hopes this could help you assess various beers, Which could lead to better food and beer matching.

This is not Nigels first venture into the world of beers, As well as running several courses on brewing, Beer appreciation and bar staff training courses under the Learn to brew banner, He also published a book in 2012 with BBC food about this very subject, Some would say that beer is Nigel’s life long passion but he actually decided to write this book as there was a genuine gap in the market.

“There is enormous interest in matching beer and food and, as a beer sommelier, I am often invited to speak about the subject. People frequently ask where they can find out more, but frustratingly the number of books on the subject is limited.”

Notes on Beer & Food Matching can be ordered from  and costs £4.25.


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