A few thoughts on Bowie

After several years of resisting I finally gave in and listened to David bowie and I’m pleased to report that I like what I heard. Bowie is difficult to pin into any genre and he fits perfectly into the 70’s idea of a super artist. This is a artist that is difficult to define, may not always be the best artist or lyricist but understands what makes a great song and how to achieve a great song.

Bowie is often said to inspire many artists and it’s not difficult to see why Bowie is a sphinx in terms of music. He is very difficult to fit into any one genre. This is so evident in the fact that as i was listening to his music I could hear many of my favourite artists. Bowie had informed many of my musical decisions and I was completely unaware of him.

I had always considered bowie to be quite pretentious for some unknown reason, maybe its due to the fact that his alter ego Ziggy Stardust often eclipsed his music and as a result I had always associated bowie with Ziggy. Bowie was the original showman and it seems that he’s making a come back thanks to artist such as Lady Gaga and others that try to achieve Bowie’s greatness but never seem to get the mix right between the persona and the music. It seems that I’m getting into bowie at just the right moment as his resurgence is just round the corner and I for one couldn’t be happier and I hope bowie will finally take his rightful place with the greats of all time.


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