X-Men: First Class review

So my obsession with comic books continues with my review of X-Men First Class. This does the wonderful thing of actually being an X-Men movie without the inclusion of Wolverine. Now don’t get me wrong, Wolverine is a wonderful character and I love him a lot but I can’t help but think that he is a very over used. This was a very brave thing that the creators did here because even the crap fest that was X-Men Origins Wolverine was a box office success, which just goes to show how much of a seat filler Wolverine is and how much of a risk the creators were taking with this film, and I’m glad to say that they pulled it off splendidly. This is a truly fantastic film and will be used as a bench mark for comic book movies for years to come.

The story takes place during the Cuban missile crisis, mutants have just been discovered but are not yet known to the public and a young geneticist called Charles Xavier is about to start a journey that will define the rest of his life. During this time he will meet his best friend and enemy Magneto, who is on a one man mission to avenge the death of his mother. During this meeting they uncover a conspiracy to start a nuclear war between Russia and America, they strive to prevent this war and in doing so we see the pieces of what will come to define the X-Men take place. Xavier starts his school for the gifted and Magneto’s group is well in the process of being established.

This is a story about Xavier and Magneto, no matter what other people tell you and what the other characters do, this film is about those two and the groups that they create that will come to define the future of mutant kind so thoroughly. This is the only problem I have with this film if I’m honest and the gripe is a very minor one. I like Magneto more than I like Xavier. I find Xavier arrogant, all knowing and very condescending, he has this superior attitude throughout the film and this shows most in his interactions with Magneto. I felt for Magneto, the story about his mother and the experiments that he had to endure during World War Two and I felt that I could understand this characters hatred and found my self rooting for him. I also enjoyed Mystiques coming to terms with her power (although she was the only one) but this was just a little story to show why she would eventually join the other side.

The CGI in this film is brilliant and it’s clear that a lot of attention has been paid to it, I know this is a given considering what this story is about but let’s be honest, we’ve all seen supposed high budget films where the CGI just doesn’t cut it. I really enjoyed this film and I don’t think it has anything to do with being a comic book fan, is this a perfect movie? No, not by any stretch of the imagination but most of the problems with it are only minor ones, like the way James Mcavoy has to touch his head to show that he’s using his powers which got very annoying. These are easily overlooked because this is a rather good film that can be enjoyed by anyone. The story is spot on and finally they are respecting the comic medium and using it to tell stories rather than ruining the character that we have grown up loving.



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