Mississippi to legalize home brewing

So the news came out today that will help the people of Mississippi realize their home brewing dreams, Home brewing has been illegal in America for quite a long time but today Mississippi became the 49th state in the union to legalize it. This is a victory for personal choice and many welcomed it, Most notably those in the national homebrewing association, Who had this to say:

 From our founding fathers to our current President, this country has a long and storied tradition of homebrewing,” said Gary Glass, director of the American Homebrewers Association. “We appreciate the support of all of the homebrewers, the dedicated grassroots efforts of Raise Your Pints and the legislators who have worked so diligently to make homebrewing a reality in Mississippi. We are grateful to Senator John Horhn who introduced this bill and to Governor Bryant for his quick action and support.”

Home brewing is a quickly growing hobby in america and as it remains only one state considers home brew illegal and that is Alabama. The AHA now estimates that over one million people are home brewing in america.

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