Camra left red faced.

Camra was left a little red faced today and forced to apologize, We reported earlier this week about how many landlords are earning less that 10.000 pounds a year (here) well it turns out Camra may have gotten that figure slightly wrong.

Camra had earlier stated that 60% of landlords were earning less than 10.000 pounds when the figure should have been 57%. A slight round up error is easily forgiven though but Mr Tupin of Enterprise Inns found that most of his publicans could earn up to 37.000 pounds, far higher than what Camra had initially reported.

In a statement, CAMRA said: “In the analysis for large pub companies, the results relating to one large pub company were not included. CGA [which carried out the analysis] has now re-allocated responses for this company in the analysis and, as a result, the survey indicates that 57% of licensees tied to large pub companies earn less than £10,000 per year and 80% earn less than £15,000 per year. The compares with the 60% and 84% respectively announced by CAMRA last week. Having corrected this classification error, CGA has assured CAMRA of the robustness of the analysis.”

After correcting for this error it clear that the results were not effected in any real way.


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