Marks mild – review

I think its fair to say that mild is an acquired taste, It is a beer that has suffered a lot of bad press in recent years and as a result has fallen out of favor with a lot of drinkers, I am not one of them though, A good mild is one of the rare treats I enjoy and I might go so far as to say that it is my beer of choice, Much to the howls of laughter from the rest of the Hashtagbeer crew. So its with some trepidation that I review my first mild for Hashtagbeer.

Marks mild

vital statistics:

Style: Mild

Country of origin: Lancashire, Great Britain

Closure: Crown cap

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Bottle: 20 x 500ml.

Alcohol by volume: 3.7%

Alcohol units per bottle: 1.8


This has a rather unusual taste for a mild, Its very ordinary, I have come to expect a huge hit of flavour when I drink a mild but sadly that was lacking with this. Don’t get me wrong there was a mild taste but it took a lot of hard work to find it, This mild made you work for every ounce of flavor you get from it. The aftertaste was another aspect of this I had difficulty with, The aftertaste for me was something akin to an IPA, I thought maybe there was something wrong with me on this front but the taste was still there on a second sampling and when I gave it to my fellow hashtagbeer reviewers they agreed with my assessment, Makes me think that perhaps this was originally part of an IPA due to its strong flavor. makes me think that perhaps an IPA can not be turned into a mild due to its strong citrus taste.



There is a very distinct hoppy smell to this mild and not the normal rich aromatic smell that I have come to expect from my milds, Again this is a very middle of the road experience for me but thankfully this required far less work to get something out of the aroma.



The appearance of this beer on the other hand is everything you have come to expect from a mild, Its was dark with a slight copper colour to it and a wonderfully white full head. This is were this beer really shined.


Value for money:

This gets a 7, Value for is a subjective thing and I wasn’t upset by how much I paid for this pint but neither would I have been happy to pay more.


Brewing process:

After extensive googeling I could find nothing interesting about the brewing process, the web page for this beer speaks of his travels of a child and how it inspired this mild but I see right through the market speak, the most interesting thing about the brewing of this mild is the claimed risk of doing it but that’s true of any small brewery.


In conclusion this is a very middle of the road mild, nothing spectacular but nothing really offensive either, the taste is interesting but only because of the strong IPA after taste, The aroma is nothing special but thankfully this has everything that you should expect from a mild and is good value for money, if your in the mood for a mild and this is the only option give it a try you could do worse but their are much better options available.

This scores a distinctly average 58%.

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