Brakspear buys the Royalist pub


The brewer Brakspear today announced that they will be opening up their second managed site, The Royalist pub in stow-on-the-wold is a grade two listed building rich in history and heritage, It was acquired by the brewery last July but was closed last month to under go refurbishment but should reopen in September.

Brakspear chief executive, Tom Davies, said: “We purchased the Royalist for its outstanding location and rich heritage and are looking forward to developing the site in a way that will maximise its potential.

The decision to manage this site ourselves is a relatively recent one, inspired in large part by our experience at the Bull on Bell Street, the pub we opened in Henley-on-Thames in March. The Bull is trading extremely well and we’ve learned a lot about how to successfully operate a managed pub alongside our tenanted sites.”

He added: “There is no master plan to grow our managed estate in terms of size or timescale and we are making decisions on a site by site basis.”

The royalist is said to be England’s oldest pub with some parts of it dating back to the 10th century, Its nice to see that this piece of history will be around for sometime yet.

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