Number of American breweries continues to grow.

The number of american breweries only continues to grow, The Brewers Association of America has seen an increase of 422 this year alone, This is the fifth year of growth in this area with the greatest growth being in the last two years, Could this have something to do with the increased popularity of american beers worldwide? Below you’ll see how the numbers have increased.

2013–2514, an increase of 422 in the past year.

2012–2092, an increase of 345 in the year.

2011–1747, an increase of 132 in the year.

2010–1615, an increase of 93 in the year.

2009–1522, an increase of 63 in the year.

This is great news for all involved, this shows that the american brewing industry is growing and this can only be good for them and us.



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