New Zealand’s Tuatara Brewery takes multi-million-dollar investment for 35% stake


The founders of Tuatara brewery in New Zealand have all of a sudden found themselves very rich indeed as an investment company has just taken a 35% stake in the brewery. This deal is thought to be a multimillion dollar deal and although the price of the deal was not disclosed the investment company Rangatira had previously stated that they would only target companies that were worth between 10 and 20 million dollars. This means that the 35% stake could be worth anywhere between 3.5 million and 7 million.

Murrie said the company had sought private investment since last year to help increase capacity at its new brewery in Paraparaumu.

“Breweries are quite capital intensive and we’ve just moved premises.

“So we could make more beer but really even now we still need to get a bundle more of equipment – it’s all stainless steel basically.”

This investment has allowed the brewery to increase production, It will see production go from 1 million litres a year to 4 million litres a year following this investment.

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