Too brew or not to brew


That is the question, Please allow me a momentary lapse into poetic quotes, I mean it is the Bard after all. The question still remains though, Should you brew your own beer or not? I think its fair to say that you like a good beer, If not then I have no idea why your reading this or how you even found this article. I’m not saying that home brewing is for everyone but it can be golly good fun, It is also very time consuming to actually start the batch and then bottle it at a later date. Both of these things take on average a day in my experience, Not only is it fun but it could really help your wallet, So lets start our exploration.

If your like me and my fellow reviewers then you have a healthy relationship with beer, I like my beer but I can happily go several weeks without it, Something I don’t think will be happening very much due to the webpage getting as many hits as it does, Something that shocked us all. So if your here we hope that you have a healthy relationship with your beer, You go to the pub and you think nothing of trying several different beers, ales or In my case bitters. Well have you ever thought about how beer is made? Where it comes from and how much actually work goes into every drop of that sweet tasting nectar that you are currently enjoying? No? Well brewing at home will help you understand your pint and may go some way to helping you understand and respect the process.

There is also the unique aspect to your home brew, Imagine when someone comes round to your house and being the good host that you are you offer them a cold one, Well Imagine when they have a sip of it and ask you were you got it, You then get the smug satisfaction of revealing your home brew secret to them, This will naturally spark up many a conversation because your will be the only place in town that can get this beer, In essence you have an exclusive to your abode.

Now I have already eluded to this but its cheap, When I started I bought a kit offAmazon for 60 pounds (well I think it was anyway) and this proved to be my only real expense because everything you buy after that is used in the actual brewing process, So after you buy your kit (some will need sugar some won’t) just follow the instructions and away you go. I mean if you pick the right kit, A lot of them will come with sugar already included, you can get a pint for 37 pence, which will put even the supermarkets to shame but I would recommend a little research before embarking on this journey.

So i’ve been doing this for almost a year now, I average about 40 pints every three months, like I said i’m not a person that drinks every night, I would rather have one fantastic pint in the pub that 6 mediocre pints at home. I started home brewing as a way to save some money, I wont lie about it, I was very poor in my third year of university, Still am to a certain extent and I wanted some beer to take to parties that wouldn’t cost the earth, So I started home brewing. Not the most original way I know but what are you to do? But something shocking happened though I found myself really enjoying it, I found my self appreciating every pint I made and I was thrilled with the idea that I brought life into the world, All be it alcoholic life, Making your own beers is a fun thing to do alone or in my case as a father son project.

Its not all good news though, the home brewing process is not a very social thing, the normal drinker in you who goes down the pub, drinks a few beers with his friends will most likely find home brewing to be a very lonely game. Although home brewing Needs some work but i’d say anyone should give it a try, its fun and could save you a bit of money and lead to a whole new understanding of the world of beer.


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