You don’t win friends with salad – A girls guide to beer


A good story never starts with “I was eating a salad”. A good story starts with friends and a few beers. The best stories start with a friend saying “let’s have a QUIET drink”, because those are the nights that generally turn out best. The “coming back home at 8 in the morning even though you initially planned on writing an assignment” or “stealing a Cookie Monster button from a random drunk guy on the train” kind of story.

Now, this column is not designed to promote alcoholism. We should all agree that you can have fun drinking green tea or that you can have an absolutely miserable time while you’re completely wasted. So let’s say that this column’s purpose is to promote social get together’s with old and new friends, The creation of great memories and making the best of your evenings.

With the current weather, I really can’t imagine anything better than sitting down in a park with a few friends and beers (If your country allows that, Thankfully England does), having a BBQ at a friend’s garden or explore some new places. Get over your self and start a non-creepy conversation with a stranger at the bar. Go to see some weird live music or art project. Rediscover your childhood playground. Rent a boat and play pirates (Arrrrh!!!).
So, Ladies and Gentlesirs, here’s the big question: what are your plans to make the most of the summer and what are your favorite drinking spots round Europe?

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