Butcombe Brewery launch new pale ale – On a boat no less


Butcombe Brewery launched a new permanent Matthew Pale Ale recently and to celebrate they took their loyal customers out on a replica of John Cabots ship, The Matthew. If this sound like a bad idea then me and you are on the same wavelength, Lots of drunk people on a ship on the water but i’m glad to report that this event went off without a hitch.

Cabot’s ship adorns the pumpclip of Butcombe’s new permanent ale and can be seen floating on the stormy sea of a frothy pint of the 3.8% ABV beer.

Guy Newell, managing director of Butcombe, said: “It was a great day out and our customers really enjoyed the experience of tasting our Matthew on board The Matthew.”

2 thoughts on “Butcombe Brewery launch new pale ale – On a boat no less

  1. Would you happen to know if they export to the U.S.? Because Matthew, would like to try a Matthew, preferably aboard the Matthew! Speaking of drunk people on boats, if you live in Kentucky, I think its mandatory to drink beer when you get on a boat. Or at least it seems that way when you go to the lake or river. That is why I DO NOT, swim there!

    1. I don’t think they export in quantity to the us Matthew but im sure there is a way to get it, there is always away.

      Personally i don’t do well on boats so maybe tha’ts why i find the whole idea a bit, weird.

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