Anheuser-busch granted “Bud” trademark in Europe

Anheuser-busch was recently granted the European wide trademark rights for the word “bud”, despite a long seated disagreement between Budweiser and Budvar, Which has lasted for well over a century, I’m sure many of you have heard the story of Budweiser straight up stealing Budvars recipe and using it for Budweiser but who was the first to use the Bud name is still up for debate.

“While we have national rights for Bud and Budweiser in many European Union member states, it fills in the remaining gaps that we had,” Frank Hellwig, global legal director at AB InBev, said in a statement. “We now have more countries covered by Bud or Budweiser trademark registrations than we have had at any point in time in the 137 year history of the brand.”

I guess the European union decided to put this matter to rest, As of writing Budvar was not disputing the claim and had no plans to do so. I think this makes sense for the European union to do. Anheuser-busch is one of the worlds biggest brewers and has had many years of marketing that have made it synonymous with the word Bud, were as Budvar still remains a small brewery from the Czech Republic that many Europeans have never heard of. This will hopefully put the matter to bed and allow both countries to continue their respectful businesses.

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