Down The Road Brewery looking for funding

That new darling of the tech world Kickstarter has become the solution to a new start up microbrewery, This website is not only about technology it appears. The Down the Road brewery which is based just outside Boston has launched a fundraising drive on Kickstarter. The money raised from this will allow the brewery to open its first commercial brewing facility.

They have set a target of 30.000, this money will be used to secure a lease on the future location of the brewery and all the equipment needed. Some of the funds will also be spent renovating the property.

“A Kickstarter campaign gets people interested in the company,” said Bailey, who has been promoting the brewery and Kickstarter campaign at local beer and food festivals. “It will help develop a relationship with customers that you would otherwise have to build from scratch with traditional funding. Not to mention, it’s a lot harder to get a bank loan these days.”

If they meet their fund raising goal they would open the brewery and begin selling beer within 6 months.

“Once the money is raised, we’ll have to get all our licensing and paperwork sorted out,” said Bailey. “At that point, we’ll be able to begin construction on the new brewery and have high quality Down The Road beers in customers’ hands by the end of 2013.”

They have until august 11th to meet their goal. if you wish to donate you can here.


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