Jenning’s bitter – The review


I love a good bitter i truly do, Much to the jokes of my fellow Hashtagers but i’m not ashamed to admit it. There is nothing better than a good bitter on a cold day and its one of the few pleasures i allow myself after a hard days work. So here is our first bitter review, I only wish that it could have been a better specimen of the bitter range.

Vital statistics:

  • COUNTRY United Kingdom
  • BRAND Jennings
  • ABV 3.50%
  • BOTTLE SIZE 500 ml


An example of boring, It didn’t look very spectacular, looks like any other bitter that is available, If i did have to comment i’d say this had a greyish tone to it with a small fine white head.



This is a very plain tasting bitter, If i’m honest the last word I would use to describe it is bitter, nothing really special, Nothing i can say about this, The taste was just boring and indescribable.



Very similar experience to the taste, This is just a very boring, very plain aroma, like many other aspects of this beer there is nothing much to say about it.


Value for money:

There was one advantage to this beer though because it was fairly cheap, shame the taste wasn’t there but i guess you get what you pay for.


Brewing techniques:

Again nothing special or interesting about the making of this beer, I guess that coming from one of the biggest real ale brewers in the UK that’s no surprise, I guess a boring brewing process leads to a boring bitter.


In conclusion i found this to be a very boring bitter, It had no real taste, smell or look to it. There is nothing about this beer that’s exciting, Although i found it boring, its wasn’t totally repulsive to my pallet, i would choose it over many other beers out there but only if this was the only other option.


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