The Ever Changing Role of Taste

You can ask many ice breaking questions but one that seems to conjure the best stories, after an awkward sexual moment, tend to involve drink. My first “real” drinking experience was stubby of Tesco’s finest Biere Deluxe at a house party whilst I was at an age I shouldn’t admit. It was a proud life defining moment which I can still recall upon today and one story I like to tell in full still to this day. There is one thing that does disturb me though and that is how I could drink such slop.

With age comes wisdom and experience and given that I still don’t have much of either I am proud to admit that I can tell a good drink once I have tasted one. Like most people I too have been through the passage of beer progression. From cheap stubbies I moved to cheap pints. There I moved onto whatever I could get my hands on since I was a student. Don’t get me wrong there where dark times…… I did once voluntarily drank Carlsberg (and it still pains me to say it) but still all of this has helped me develop a pallet.

Even Barack enjoys one after a long day in the Oval Office

Being able to appreciate a nice plate of food, a fine wine or indeed a great beer is an experience which helps shape our perception of an evening and one that can help develop moods. There still isn’t a feeling better than finishing work and relaxing with a cold beer. From the first moment that liquid hits your lips its the first moment you have truly clocked off for the day, the taste of that stout symbolizes the free man and the free mind. The taste of that beer is what heaven tastes like itself.

The role of taste forever changes with age. The taste of beer will forever change due my lifestyle and mentality. With taste I now appreciate what effort goes into a real beer and what bliss it is to drink it. From that first stubby to that quick one after work the tastes I have gained will only help us shape our lives and what we think of it.

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