Pubaid and Camra launch charity month


Camra have launched their latest self promotion initiative today, They have signed up with Pubaid to help them launch the pubs and charity month. This initiative has been going on for several years and last year raised more than 106 million for lots of different charities, That’s about £2742 per pub. I guess Camra didn’t like someone else getting the spotlight but its still nice to see them putting their marketing might behind this movement.

A recent study found that 85% of pubs were actively raising money for charity despite some very trying times for the pub industry as a whole, donations have increased by 5% since 2010. So given these figures, Camra will be encouraging pubs to host more charity events, Camra also feels this may help struggling pubs bring in lapsed business and help change the larger lout image that has become associated with many pubs.

Mike Benner, CAMRA’s chief executive, said:

CAMRA and PubAid feel it is time British pubs got the recognition for the amazing funds they raise for numerous charities across Britain. Pubs can get unfairly blamed for a lot of anti-social behaviour but often the alcohol that has led to these problems has not been drunk in pubs.

“The pub industry has been struggling in these tough economic times, but our new research shows all parties win if pubs run charity events. The charities get important funds, pubs get busier and the locals get some fun events to attend. We hope everyone will encourage their local pub to participate in July’s Pubs & Charity month and the community will support these activities.”

Des O’Flanagan, one of the co-founders of PubAid, said:

What other industry can demonstrate such generosity and selflessness in this economic climate? These results should act as a reminder that pubs are very much part of the fabric of our community and make a meaningful contribution.

“The PubAid team is dedicated to combatting the areas of the press and perception from some corners that view pubs as only having a negative contribution to society. We do this by sharing the work that pubs do for charitable causes. The contribution of licensees and their customers is made even more  amazing if you consider the financial pressure licensees and consumers are under at the moment.”

This venture has already proven a success for one big pub chain linked to camra, JD weatherspoons, which has raised 7 million pounds for CLIC Sargent, to help fight cancer.

Lorraine Clifton, chief executive of CLIC Sargent, said: “This is a towering achievement by J D Wetherspoon and it means everything to the children and young people and their families whom we look after. Every penny raised means we can help more children and young people and their families coping with cancer. That is priceless.”

this is a nice idea and i support it, hence why i wrote about it. Would you go to more pubs if they hosted charity nights?


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