Bass Pale Ale to become Trademark No.1

Bass Pale Ale recently announced that they would be changing their name to Trademark No.1, This is to celebrate the brands place in history as the first registered trademark in the UK. AB InBev also announced that they would be increasing their bottles to 500ml for the fist time after increased consumer demand.

Brewery manager, Neil Nersesian, said: “To continue brewing this historic beer is a great honour and we are excited to be bringing Bass to a new audience with the launch of the 500ml bottle. Bass Trademark No.1 is a timeless and iconic ale which is steeped in history. It will delight beer-lovers today, just as it has delighted them over the last two hundred years.”

This beer has been brewed in the UK since the 18th century and will see its new brewing moved from Salisbury to Preston ending a long history at its old location. The original Salisbury plant will still brew bass draught under license. Bass Trademark No.1 is a 4.4% ABV premium pale ale. It is richly fragrant with a hoppy bouquet, says the brewer, and has a complex nutty, malty taste and a bright chestnut hue.


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