Marstons Oyster Stout – The review



Marstons oyster stout – the review

There is a certain feeling I get when I open a bottle of stout, its akin to going to my grandmothers house and getting some sweets, Its amazing how no matter how old I was I’d always be 6 in her eyes. Its something so right, Something so warm and nothing warms you up on quite as well on a cold evening, so here it is on a cold rainy day in June that I open this bottle. On the bottle they describe it as a dark rich and smooth, A bit like my self but then I digress. Lets see if the beer inside the bottle lives up to those bold claims.

Vital statistics:

Alcohol Units2.3


Pack Quantity

500Pack Measure ml

Country England

Its describes as dark and it certainly lives up to that claim, Its as black as a can of coke cola or my ex girlfriends soul. This black was offset nicely with a slightly yellow tinged head, This gives the drink a very interesting look, I was slightly disappointed though because this drink lacked all the drama that I have come to expect from my stouts, This required no time to set and I like that in my stouts, It builds anticipation and only feeds my hunger, Good things come to those to wait as it were.



This had a very malty aroma with subtle undertones of mocha, not very compelling and quite difficult to find.



This had a very full bodied flavour with a quick bitter kick after taste, I was unsure about this at first but like most stouts it grew on me over time, Sadly though it never quite hit the levels of many other stouts I have had in my time. This was apparently designed to compliment oysters but i’m not that rich so I could test that out, I feel I have failed you my dear readers but if i’m honest I would rather have more money for beer. So I’ll just take their word for it. I had a bit of difficulty placing this beer, I couldn’t decide between a 6 or a 7 so this gets a 6.5.


Value for money:

I got this for 2 English pounds and I think it was a solid choice but had I paid more for this I don’t know if I would have been as happy. Had I bought this in the pub I would have drank it but I wouldn’t have had that second pint.


This was a very solid middle of the road stout, nothing special and nothing amazing, it looked like a stout could but the lack of head disappoints, There is aroma here but it does take some work to find. After a bit of getting used to it I found the beer tolerable but after what I paid for it I was somewhat pleased, This gets an above average score of 64.



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