Crooked Bottle brewpub Kickstarter Fails

We here at Hashtagbeer support community pubs, We think its important that adults have access to activities as much as children and we couldn’t think of anything more fun than a pub, Hopefully with a nice beer garden to boot. So its with great sadness that we announce that a new community pub in north Portland (the Crooked Bottle) failed to meet its kick starter fundraising goal by a mere 243 dollars.

The new venture had hoped to raise 25,600 but because of the rules of kickstarter they will not get any of the funding that was pledged to them. Honestly though I cant understand why they could just place the last of it on a credit card but I guess they wanted to respect the kick starter process.

Despite this failure the campaigners are not to be held down, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this back on kick stater in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Crooked Bottle brewpub Kickstarter Fails

  1. I wish I had heard about this one. I would have donated what I could, as I am sure many others would as well. We at the GBG support good beer, and this would definitely have fit in. If they try for it again, please post it up so we can spread the word and garner them some huge success!

    1. Yeah I would have pledged as well, it was a marketing fail that the beer blogs only found out about this after it had failed

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