Keltek brewery to buy four pubs.


Cornish brewer Keltek is to launch a very ambitious plan to expand its business starting with the purchase of four pubs in the county. They will spend more than 1.6 million to purchase the four pubs, this will also see them renovate them. This is nice to see, what with so many reports of pubs closing down its nice to see a brewery putting its faith in the pub business.

“Pubs have always been a central part of my life. Whenever I’ve needed anything from a plumbing job done to having my car fixed, in the past there’s always been someone from the pub I knew and trusted. I can imagine a much emptier life without a local pub and many communities have been losing theirs. The idea of celebrating and supporting local pubs which really serve a key role in their surrounding community is very important to me.

“I truly believe in a successful and prosperous future for well run and attractive pubs that are there to serve local people so I want to turn back the clock and, once again, give landlords the opportunity to be able to make a profitable living from running their local.

“One of the ways we intend to achieve this objective is to take a landlord-friendly approach to supplying the pubs and avoid the kind of profiteering that has recently been hitting the headlines. Thus, although the pubs are tied to our brand, we’ll be selling our real ales to our tied estate at a similar competitive price to those at which we sell to freehouses and clubs. This will allow our landlords to be both very competitive and make a sensible and reasonable profit on their beer sales. Beer swaps with other breweries up country are another way in which we can keep prices competitive whilst offering a wider choice of ales in our pubs.”

“This is very much a cause which is close to my heart and I am passionate about supporting local traders who give back to their communities,” he added.

Naturally these pubs will stock the full range of the Keltek brews.


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