Chesire Black – The review


A very plain and uninteresting bottle with a very simple label, The look of the bottle in no way prepared me for what I was about to behold, This was a very dark thick stout with a quite substantial yellow tinged head. This is everything I have come to expect from a good stout, I only wish the label had prepared me for what I was about to behold.



It has a very rich roasted smell, Made me think of coffee in Amsterdam , A very by the book stout and I could be happier.



very rich with a distinct roasted flavor, again this proved to be a very dependable stout with no aftertaste.


Value for money:

We’ve said it once we’ll say it again this is a very subjective category and I was very happy with what I paid for this, At only 2 pounds in my local shop this was a revelation and I would have happily pay much more for it without question.


Overall this gets 85% and comes highly recommended.


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