Farm shop launches new beer


As sales of cask ales continue to outperform the beer market as a whole, keelham farm shop in Thornton has decided to add its own brand of real ale to its already extensive range of 100+ beers, stocked from 20 local breweries.

This is the shop’s attempts to appeal to a younger more female market, I kid you not the press release said this, So from august “Something for The Weekend” will be available in bottled form for their customers to enjoy at home.

Victoria Robertshaw, co-owner of Keelham Farm Shop, said: “We’re well known as a butcher’s and for stocking products by more than 400 local farmers and producers, but our ever-increasing beer range is almost our best kept secret. We always look to tap in to our customers’ changing needs and the majority of our customers, in particular the female customers, tell us that they enjoy the light, easy-drinking beers.

Beer is such a natural, sustainable drink and we now sell over 900 bottles a week. It really has become a drink for everyone. Our range of Yorkshire beers is constantly evolving and as our Keelham brand products are doing really well in the other areas of the business, it made sense to select our own brand brew.

The reusable flagon allows us to meet the demand from our customers in a way that is fun, reasonably priced and, most importantly, good for the environment.”

Victoria added: “These new additions to our beer range fit perfectly with our ethos of being sustainable, affordable and supporting local businesses like Naylor’s who are an ambitious and exciting company.”

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