St Austells Brewery installs new equipment


Korev’s popularity has risen so sharply that it brewer St Austell Brewery have had to install a state of the art filter carbonator and kegging system. Sales of the 4.8% authentic larger have increased by 300% in the last 12 months. The larger which gets its name from the traditional conish name for beer is brewed using only natural ingredients over a 25 day period.

Head brewer, Roger Ryman, said: “The installation of the new facility was driven by an amazing increase in demand for Korev, making it necessary for us to have separate kegging and bottling lines. As well as a great addition to our facilities here, this is proof that craft lagers are increasingly popular and Korev is creating its own niche in a competitive and growing market for high quality authentic British lagers.”

 Mike Moravek, owner of Moravek, which builds the equipment, said: “This is the second Moravek system we have supplied to St Austell Brewery, the first being installed on the bottling line to meet demand for Tribute Cornish Pale Ale. We are delighted to be involved with such a prestigious and successful brewery which continues to grow its sales of high quality beer on a number of fronts.”

 Work on this new installation will start immediately.

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