The Cider Orchard – The new home for cider

According to recent finding by Mintel, Cider is for the first time as popular as beer, Mintel is an analyst into the beer and brewing industry. Cider is part of the British heritage, The people of somerset have made cider since as long as anyone can remember, Once I was even privy to cider that had been brewed in someones central heating system, not something I would recommend for everyone but i’m assured that things like this are very common in the rural parts of England. So given this news lee Ocean, aka the cider man has decided to launch the Uks first online cider merchant, The Cider Orchard.

The Cider Orchard which launched on June 21, Specializes in showing off British ciders from small independent companies and allows people to order them from the comfort of their own home. The cider orchard allows small manufacturers who have little to no online presence a place to sell their wears, An online storefront as it were and due to the Internets global status this will allow people to experience ciders that they would never of before. The creator hopes that this will open people eyes to the diverse nature of ciders, similar to the way many people have had their eyes opened to a wider pallet of real ales.

Lee said: “Cider has been brewed on our fair shores for thousands of years and for many rural communities cider making is the beating heart of local life. I’m fascinated by the thriving cottage industry that exists to this day and I want to discover all these small regional producers with their own unique brews and share this with the good people of Britain. The Cider Orchard is about discovery, appreciation and enjoyment; I hope my new venture will bring all this and more to people up and down the country.”

Lee was inspired to make this page after many failed Google searches, They offer a range of different delivery options including a monthly showcase option. If you like you ciders and you want to try something new and lets be honest who doesn’t, Perhaps you should head over to and give the service a try.

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