Australia here i come

So i recently moved my blog back to WordPress after many many months in the wilds and i thought what better way to celebrate than to actually write a little update for you all, its been a long time since i actually updated, its been a while since i wrote anything personal actually so lets start. i’m just going to give you a quick run through.

1 left university

2. had hours cut right back in work

3. originally planned to go to oz

4. got job so put off going

5 lost job

6. went back to old job

7. christmas/newyear

8 became homeless

Thanks to my wonderful friends i made it through this

9. finally went to book flight to oz

Had to wait for visa to come through, this turned out to be blessing in disguise.

10. grandmother diagnosed with cancer

11.  grandmother dies

12. funerals suck

13. old friend dies in bike accident

14. funerals don’t get better the more you do them

15. launched website

more on this at later date

well that brings nicely to today, its been a pretty hectic year all things considered and i glad to say that ive just book my flight to melbourne, i shall officially arrive in Australia on the 10th of September, i know its took a really long time for me to get this and im glad its fiunalyl happening, dont give up on shit people, keep your dreams alive.




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