Cains brewery village to go ahead

Despite Cains being taken to court for suspected tax offenses the owners wanted to once again reassures us that their planned redevelopment will still go ahead this summer. The Dusanj brothers said the winding-up of the Cains brewing business will not affect plans to transform the site into a £50m “brewery village”. They can do this because the cains building and brand are owned by a separate companies that wont be affected by the court case, this business is no longer operating though due to the recent closure so wont be liable for a upcoming tax bill.

He said: “The winding up of the RC Brewery business in no way impacts on our plans for the redevelopment of the brewery site to ensure it is fit for the future. The physical assets – the buildings and land – are not affected by this development.

“Since rescuing Cains more than a decade ago the staff and management of the business have worked extremely hard to keep the brewery going.

“Competition from large, purpose-build breweries, the general economic outlook and decline in beer sales, plus the diminishing margins associated with the supermarket canning part of our business, created a perfect storm which we simply couldn’t weather.

“We do believe, however, that our Brewery Village plan will ensure that Liverpool retains a successful and profitable Cains brewery for decades to come. Reinventing the site in this way is the best way forward for us and for the city.”

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